Login using the username and password provided by GCC, and make colour hunting a lot easier!

Navigating Home Screen Dashboard

The Paint Partner dashboard has been designed as per your convenience, so that you have easy access to all the info you might need. Quickly swipe through your notifications, or search by colour name or colour code.

Show me colours.

Your dashboard shows the latest colour streams around. Click on ‘All’, and you’ll be presented with a detailed colour listing from multiple streams. Clicking on any of these will give you the desired details: like colour group, type, OEM name, and variant number.

Let’s BarCode.

Click the barcode icon next to the search bar, use your phone camera to scan the appropriate colour barcode, and voila - you have it decoded in seconds!

Beep Beep!

Our trusted notifications will make sure you stay up to date with all the happenings at the Global Colour Center through the paint partner app!
Click on the icon to see all your notifications in one place.

Easily Calculate the Paint You Need!

The app not only lets you see the colour formulations, but also lets you calculate the paint you need for a particular automotive model, or even a part of it.

Share it!

Share colour formulations with a single tap! The Paint Partner app allows you to share the formulations with your colleagues and acquintainces through Gmail, Whatsapp, Messsage, and alot more!